Periyar-Agastyamalai Landscape Project

Periyar  Agastyamalai LandscapTo facilitate the long-term conservation of biodiversity in the Periyar-Agasthyamalai Corridor ,  ANCF is in the process of implementing the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) supported project entitled: Conservation of the Periyar-Agasthyamalai Corridor in the Southern Western Ghats: Knowledge Generation, Dissemination of Information and Capacity Building for Key Stakeholders. The project aims to take ANCF’s GIS based conservation database for the Periyar-Agasthyamalai landscape, update and strengthen its biodiversity data holdings through primary surveys and addition of information from secondary sources, and put out the consolidated database into the public domain. The biodiversity information from the database, with its scientific and management components, mainly focused on the elephant ranges of the landscape, will be used to develop resource material for structured programmes of capacity building for conservation stakeholders including natural resource managers within the Forest Department staff of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and community groups in and around the critical habitat areas and habitat links within the landscape.