Reports : Final Reports

Title Year Author Download
Documenting Indigenous Traditional Knowledge of the Asian Elephant in Captivity 2014 Nishant M Srinivasaiah, Surendra Varma, Raman Sukumar Download
Human dimensions of forest degradation in the Sathyamangalam landscape 2014 Kodandapani, N., Satheesh, N., Ashutosh, S.S., Raj Kumar, K Download
Proceedings of a Workshop on Welfare Parameters and their Signinficance for Captive Elephants and their Mahouts in India. 2008 Editors : Surendra Varma , Deepika Prasad Download
The Biodiverse Myanamar and its Elephants. 2007 Asian Nature Conservation Foundation Download
Elephant Poaching in Bandipur Tiger Reserve , southern India. 2000 Surendra Varma Download
Population Estimation of Mammals in Nagarhole National Park 2007 Surendra Varma Download
Possible Impacts of the Proposed Hydroelectric and HPCL Pipeline Projects, on Asian Elephant Populations 2000 Surendra Varma Download
Otters in Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, southern India 2003 Kausalya Shenoy, Surendra Varma and K. V. Devi Prasad Download
Introduction to GIS and Working and Use of a GPS (Model Example Garmin GPS 72) 2004 Nandita Mondal, Smita Nair, Narendra Babu and Surendra Varma Download
Asian Elephants in Kalakad - Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve ( KMTR ) , Southern India 2001 Surendra Varma Download