Research Papers : Tropical Forest Ecology

Title Year Author Download
Relationship between annual rainfall and tree mortality in a tropical dry forest: Results of a 19-year study at Mudumalai, southern India 2010 H.S. Suresh , H.S. Dattaraja , R. Sukumar Download
Who really ate the fruit? A novel approach to camera trapping for quantifying frugivory by ruminants 2010 Soumya Prasad , Andre, Pittet R. Sukumar Download
A comparative analysis of spatial, temporal, and ecological characteristics of forest fires in seasonally dry tropical ecosystems in the Western Ghats, India 2008 Narendran Kodandapani , Mark A. Cochrane R.Sukumar Download
Forest Research for the 21st Century 2008 R.Sukumar Download
The importance of demographic niches to tree diversity 2006 R.Sukumar, R.Condit Download
Non-random Processes Maintain Diversity in Tropical Forests 2006 R.Condit,R.Sukumar,etc Download
Patterns of tree growth in relation to environmental variability in the tropical dry deciduous forest at Mudumalai, southern India 2006 CHERYL D NATH, H S DATTARAJA, H S SURESH, N V JOSHI and R SUKUMAR Download
Testing metabolic ecology theory for allometric scaling of tree size, growth and mortality in tropical forests. 2006 R.Sukumar , Helene C. Muller-Landau etc Download
Comparing tropical forest tree size distributions with the predictions of metabolic ecology and equilibrium models 2006 R.Sukumar , Helene C. Muller-Landau etc Download
Financial valuation of non-timber forest product flows in Uttara Kannada district, Western Ghats, Karnataka 2005 I. K. Murthy, P. R. Bhat, N. H. Ravindranath, R.Sukumar Download