Hosur – Dharmapuri Biodiversity Survey

Hosur  DharmapuriThe Hosur Territorial Forest Division and its contiguous habitats in the Dharmapuri FD are situated close to Bangalore, the electronic hub of India. Developments flowing from growing population pressures and economic activities in the region (settlements, commercial constructions, roads, rail lines etc) could potentially impact these forests and their biodiversity. Since conservation importance of any area is typically determined by assessing its biodiversity, it was essential to document the biodiversity of the remaining forest areas. Based on a clear understanding of the biodiversity values of the region, and the anthropogenic pressure they are subject to, it would be possible for the Forest Department and other related local authorities to potentially plan for sustainable conservation and development of the region.

In accordance with this perspective, the Asian Nature Conservation Foundation (ANCF) in partnership with the Kenneth Anderson Nature Society (KANS) carried out a study to assess the biodiversity values (with particular reference to the vertebrate fauna) of Hosur Forest Division and its adjoining contiguous habitats in Dharmapuri Forest Division in Tamil Nadu and provided recommendations on conserving biodiversity under the prevailing conditions.